Lyles Mechanical Co. maintains as a fundamental belief that our employees are our most valuable asset. In order to preserve and strengthen this belief, we have established a Zero Accident Safety Culture that is achieved by demonstrating our core safety values of Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability.

Key elements of our Safety Program include:

  • Orientation and Indoctrination of New Employees to our Safety Culture
  • Constant two-way Communication & Participation (Daily huddles and debriefs, Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s), Tailgates, etc…)
  • Training and Certifications
  • Maintaining an effective Recognition program
  • Reporting and learning from near-misses
  • Mentoring of new employees
  • Holding everyone accountable for their actions
  • Unwavering support from Senior Management
  • Constantly seeking/evaluating industry best practices and independent examination our program



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