Site Hydronics - Design Build

October, 2010$616,000

Mechanical & Plumbing

Site Hydronics - Design Build

Fresno, California

On this design-build project, on a compressed schedule, Lyles Mechanical Co. (LMC) installed approximately 10,800 lineal feet of 2” through 8” diameter, below grade pre insulated chilled water (CHW) and heating hot water (HHW) piping. Pipe material included both PVC and carbon steel. Operations performed by LMC included layout of pre-engineered piping, Installation of pipe, welding of all connections, thrust blocks, and placement of field insulation at all connections. LMC also performed all earthwork activities including excavation, grading, bedding, shading and backfill. LMC played a significant role in the successful coordination of the work by utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology which included clash detection between the multiple trades. Valuable time and money was saved in the field by implementing this technology. Upon completion, this facility will include 305,000 square feet of conditioned space, operate 300 beds and obtain LEED-silver certification.

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