Fresno Chaffee Zoo—Seal & Sea Lion Exhibit

September, 2012$1,743,000

Mechanical & Plumbing

Fresno Chaffee Zoo—Seal & Sea Lion Exhibit

Fresno, California

As a member of the Matt Construction team, Lyles Mechanical Co. (LMC) was brought in at an early stage of preconstruction to provide constructability & budget review and value engineering for this high profile project at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. LMC was the lead for the BIM coordination and our experienced staff was able to identify issues before they arose on the project to eliminate conflicts discovered in the field. LMC’s portion of the project included the installation of the piping and mechanical systems for the Keeper’s Building that houses two holding pools and the below grade piping for the 235,000 gallon main exhibit pool . LMC also worked hand in hand with the design engineer on the layout and installation of the critical Life Support System (LSS) equipment and piping which featured an ozone system and bio-filtration to make the exhibit identical to the animal’s natural habitat, the ocean . The last component of the exhibit installed by LMC was the wetlands. Used to reclaim and reuse the filter water from the LSS, this system reduced the water consumption needed for the LSS filtration.

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Fresno Chaffee Zoo
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