Big Creek Elementary School Boiler Replacement

September, 2010$106,000

Mechanical & Plumbing

Big Creek Elementary School Boiler Replacement

Big Creek, California

Lyles Mechanical Co., (LMC) performed the fast track installation of a new Hydronic Heating System for Big Creek Elementary School. The scope of the project included complete demolition of the existing mechanical room boiler, equipment and piping; and installation of two new boilers, a pump, expansion tank and air separator. New supply and return HHW piping as well as exhaust piping were installed to tie the new system to the existing hydronic piping. A new control system was also incorporated into the system. Installation, testing and full operation were completed on site in two weeks of construction time. Big Creek is remotely located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where cold temperatures make it critical to have a reliable heating system. Construction was performed while school was in session and completed without any interruptions to the Big Creek School’s students or faculty.

Design Engineer

LP Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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Big Creek School District
Big Creek, CA.

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