88 MGY Palm Oil Refinery and Terminal

June, 2013


88 MGY Palm Oil Refinery and Terminal

Stockton, California

Utilizing the design/build project delivery method, Lyles Mechanical Co. (LMC) was selected on a negotiated best-value basis to provide general project coordination services and numerous critical scopes of work. LMC self-performed all work related to the site utilities, excavation & grading, structural & site concrete, process piping, mechanical, plumbing and all equipment installation. Among other components, the 80’ tall (7-story) structural steel tower supports an 11’ diameter by 60’ tall vessel that is instrumental to the plant processes. The project team spent several months in preconstruction in order to properly plan the work and efficiently execute over 100,000 craft hours of work. The existing warehouses at the site were strategically demolished and recycled. This the reuse of the processed recycled material that was incorporated into the new construction. Furthermore, the project was awarded Golden Gate Partnership Recognition by Cal/OSHA for demonstrating commitment to workplace safety and health. Lyles Mechanical Co. received significant project contributions from the multiple entities within Lyles Construction Group to maximize self-performance of critical project tasks to accomplish on time performance.

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